I would love to have real people register on my web site. But, there is so much spam and fake registrations that I have to limit it to real people.

Registration requires an email address and a name, nickname, or handle.


The handle is up to you, but it has to not be random characters. It’s OK to use a few numbers or letters after your nickname, but if I can’t pick out something that a human will write in the handle you choose, I’ll reject it without even thinking about it.

For example, Jim27 will be accepted, but jxcyb will be rejected.

No Vulgarity

If the handle or email address is or contains any crudity, I’ll immediately reject it. I must protect my readers.

This includes attempts to hide it, like typing special characters instead of letters. I don’t use automation; I look at them individually.


How do I determine whether your email is from a real person? I’m glad you asked.

The email address you use MUST be real. I get 5-20 spam requests every day, so I send each new account (that doesn’t violate the previous restrictions) an email asking for a reply from a human. If I don’t get a reply within a certain amount of time, I delete the account.

However, I’ll NEVER sell your email address to anybody. And, I’ll only rarely send emails (beyond the one mentioned above). Typically, I would only do this if I branch out to a new topic or something.

Further, if I do send an email to subscribers, I’ll include an opt-out clause if it’s for some kind of marketing. I count branching out as marketing, so the email I mentioned in the previous paragraph would have an opt-out clause.


There’s a registration link at the bottom of any page, including this one.

If you have any trouble with it, please comment below (which doesn’t require registration, but does require a real email address, as above).

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