He finished it! Creation is complete: “Thus the heavens and the earth were completed, and all their hosts.” (Genesis 2:1) And what a job it was. Everything that exists, from the universe itself to the components of atoms is amazingly constructed. Living things baffle even our greatest scientific efforts to understand them.

With a job well done, God rested on the seventh day. God blessed that seventh day, and made it holy. This seven day week that God initiated has been used by every civilization we know of for as longs as we kept records.

Two attempts in the entire history of Mankind were made to change the seven-day week. The French Revolution adopted 10-day weeks in 1793[1]. It was abandoned in 1806, having proved a colossal failure. The Soviet Union tried a five-day week from 1929 – 1931. It was another abysmal failure[2]. God’s established seven-day week prevailed.

But, why was it important to those regimes to change the week? For the Soviets, it was simply that Stalin wanted to not have the factories idle one day a week. So, he eliminated weekends. He wanted to have his slave labor work more.

For the French, it was philosophical. The French government, after the revolution, was atheistic. Religion was not to be tolerated. And, it’s obvious that the seven-day week came through the “false” religion of Christianity, so – ahem – there was “obviously” no need for it. Or, so they thought.

No, God can’t be sidelined quite so easily as that. Every culture still uses a seven-day week.