According to Romans 1 (and a whole bunch of other passages) God’s work is so obvious that it’s impossible to miss. Yet, some do. I’ve already mentioned attempts to eliminate the seven-day week because of its religious implications. But, there are more instances of people rejecting God’s work in creation.

Anti-theists[1] claim that billions of years and natural selection have eliminated the need for God. But, God and His Word are undaunted.

The billions of years of history are CLAIMED to be scientific. Yet, all science revolves around repetitive experimentation. However, history cannot be repeated in this sense. There’s no way to measure whether a rock is 1000 or 1,000,000 or 1,000,000,000 years old. In order to know for sure, we would have to have been present when the rock was first created, and monitored it throughout the time from then until now.

I’m intending to deal with specifics as time goes on. But, for now I’ll emphatically state that every long-age hypothesis has been falsified or proven incomplete. Proponents simply cannot prove billions of years.

More important to this discussion is natural selection. Natural selection weeds out things that are less fit, making the population that remains more fit to survive. Examples of this process abound in biology. There’s only one problem: natural selection goes the wrong way.

Evolution is the improvement of a species through increasing survival rates for critters’ better traits. It is not the same thing as natural selection, although proponents like to claim it is. Natural selection removes capabilities; it doesn’t add them.

I live in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. The United States has a highway system that can take you almost anywhere in the country. So, if I want to take a trip to Seattle, I might hop in my car, take a train, or get on an airplane, and head west.

But, what if my map points to or my ticket goes to New York City instead? I’ll never get to Seattle if I keep following a map headed east. It doesn’t matter if I add time to my trip. I simply can’t get there going east (at least, not without circling the globe).

Yet that’s exactly what is done by merging the two concepts of evolution and natural selection. Natural selection decreases information. Evolution requires an increase of information. Not only are they not the same thing, they are polar opposites. Never get caught by the bait-and-switch tactic of using the two terms interchangeably.

[1] I use the term anti-theists here instead of atheists, because these rejections aren’t rejecting religion in general, but the focus of their efforts are against Christianity. Theism is one formal name for the Christian worldview, so they are primarily against theism, not just religions. While other religions have worldviews, anti-theists target Christian Theism much more vigorously.