The Gospel in a Nutshell

In the beginning, God created people (Genesis one and two). It was just Adam and Eve, but the three of them were all on the same page. They had a great relationship.

But, then something happened: Adam and Eve violated the one command God had given them. They ate the forbidden fruit (Genesis three).

Suddenly, everything changed. Both people and God knew that a barrier had been placed between people and God: sin. Their relationship soured immediately, and mankind was doomed to death.

No act could undo their actions. No action could make up for it. They were no longer pure. Man would try all kinds of things to get back in good graces with God, but the sin remained, so the relationship stayed broken.

No action by Man could change things, but God could change things. God is all powerful, and had a plan from the beginning. He Himself would enter His created world, and personally pay the penalty for the sin Man had committed. Jesus would die on their behalf.

Now, this is an incredible thing God has done. We had no way to get back into a good relationship with God. But, because He had a way, and He fulfilled His plan, and people could come back. All we have to do is accept His payment for our sins. We have to believe that Jesus truly did die for ourselves. More pointedly, I had to believe that Jesus died for me.

So, now our relationship with God can go back to one of friendship. We no longer need be hostile towards God, and vice-versa.

We’ll never fully understand the full price Jesus paid on our behalf. But, understanding it is not required. Only believing.

Have you accepted Jesus’s payment on your behalf? Have you trusted Him with your eternal destiny? If not, today would be a good day to do this. He longs to restore the lost relationship with you.

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